CMU Theological University



      Reasons why most pastors, church workers, and Christians who just want to increase their knowledge of Bible doctrine never earn their degree:

        • High Tuition costs 
        • Job and family responsibilities 
        • Unable to commute to and from campus
        • Inaccessibility to the internet for online courses  
    Our correspondence courses and tuition financing are options that most other colleges and universities do not offer:


      We are a non-denominational Christian university. We offer quality distance education for students who want to increase their knowledge of basic Bible doctrine, as well as, Bible history, theology, ministry, Christian and pastoral counseling, and ministry training and ordination.


Our Statement of Faith

        We believe in and teach the five principle elements of the Christian faith.
      • The Authority of the Scripture
      • The deity of Christ (Christ was God in the flesh)
      • The virgin birth
      • The substitution atonement for sinners
      • The bodily and physical return of Christ




CMUTU has been approved by the Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) section 8, series 20,  and given the authority to grant degrees in all areas of Christian education. 


Be sure to ask about our full and partial scholarships through the Lucy King Tackett Scholarship program.  


CMUTU staff members have researched the tuition costs of other Bible colleges and universities in order to assure that our tuition is fair and affordable.  We have set our tuition far below other distance Bible colleges and universities at $35.00 per credit hour.




Our home study correspondence program serves to allow the busy pastor, or church worker the ability to study at home, and at their own pace. This means the busy student can study at home while maintaining their present job and family obligations.




Here at CMUTU, we realize that not every student may have access to online study programs due to inaccessibility to the internet or other such reasons. That is why we offer our degree programs through quality correspondence courses, thus allowing us to implement lower tuition costs.

Correspondence programs provides our instructors with the means, whereby, we can, more closely,  monitor our student's academic progress, and be there for them, offering our support when needed. Our students are prayed for on a daily basis by our staff, and are encouraged to reach out to us for counseling and prayer, if needed.




CMUTU offers interest free financing and low monthly payments for up to 24 months with 20% down on the total amount of  tuition. 




Our instructors and board members are all Spirit filled pastors, teachers, and ministry leaders, each,  who  hold degrees in Christian education ranging from CBS, Assoc., BA, MA, and Doctorates in different areas of Christian studies. 




Our degree programs are based on the Bible and are Christ-centered. The Bible is our final authority in our curriculum. Our courses are in the field of ministry, theology, Christian and pastoral counseling, Biblical history and Christian education.




Our Degree programs include the Certificate of Biblical Studies (12 credit hours); Associate of Arts (48 credit hours,Bachelor of Arts 120 credit hours); Master of Arts (48 credit hours, Master  thesis  word count 25,000 words, and twelve references from other authors); and Doctoral degree (five directed readings;  Doctoral dissertation of 35,000 word count including twenty-one references on the topic from other authors).




We offer scholarship programs to qualifying students upon approval of the board of directors and academic dean.  We accept transfer of credits from approved institutions (see tuition page).



 Textbooks: The students are responsible for all textbooks for the required courses, and can be ordered on line from Christian book sellers. 


Other fees: The fee for transferring credits from approved institutions is twenty-five dollars. Enrollment application fee is twenty-five dollars, and will be applied to the tuition if approved.


Graduation: Although attending the annual graduation ceremony is not a requirement for receiving a degree, all students are encouraged to attend. CMUTU has an annual cap and gown graduation ceremony every June in honor of our students, followed by an alumni banquet. Students and alumni, alike, are encouraged to attend and bring their family and friends. Students will march across the stage to receive their degrees. This is our way of showing our appreciation and honor for the student's hard work and dedication. 


Graduation fee is 150.00 (to be paid up front, two weeks in advance).  The graduation fee includes the graduation ceremony, cap and gown rental, diploma/degree cover, official transcript, and the  banquet for the student and one guest, and other expenses). Notice: Additional guests ($20.00 per person).


One Course at a Time Option


CMUTU  offers flexible programs for the busy students' convenience. For example, a student may want to enroll in the "One course at a time optional program."  The student may purchase a 4 credit hour course for $140.00, and pay for the course in two equal payments of $70.00 each.  


CMUTU is an active accredited member of Transworld Accrediting Commission International